Math Curriculum

K-12 Math Curriculum Overview
Hillsborough Township offers a comprehensive mathematics curriculum aligned with the
New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

Grade Levels K-5:
Each K-5 mathematics program emphasizes the following content strands as they align with the appropriate grade level of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) in mathematics:  numeration, operations and computation, data and chance, geometry, measurement and reference frames, patterns, functions and algebra.  The content is presented using a problem solving approach designed to develop critical thinking skills while embedding the New Jersey Standards for Mathematical Practice into the daily teaching and learning.  Practice of basic skills is ongoing through a variety of program routines and activities.  Topics are revisited regularly and practice is distributed over time to facilitate full concept development.  Activities explore a wide variety of content with opportunities for students to apply basic fact skills to geometry, measurement and algebra.  Program implementation and assessment offers enrichment and reinforcement based on individual student need.  Each K-5 mathematics program helps prepare students to take the grade appropriate New Jersey Student Learning Assessment (NJSLA).

Grade Levels 6-8:
During the 2020 - 2021 school year the district implemented Big Ideas Math as the primary content resource.  The units at each grade level consist of a series of real-world applications and hands-on activities which develop the mathematical knowledge in a conceptual way.  Through the use of technology and inquiry-based learning, students develop a strong mathematical understanding.  The grade level curriculum and materials  used at each level help prepare students to take the grade appropriate New Jersey Student Learning Assessment.
Grade Levels 9-12:
Our high school mathematics department offers a variety of courses and levels to meet the needs of all students.  All students entering 9th grade will be required to take algebra 1, if they have not completed it in the middle school, followed by geometry then algebra 2.  After algebra 2, students choose from a variety of courses all of which extend their mathematical learning.  Algebra 1, geometry and algebra 2 have corresponding New Jersey Student Learning Assessments in which all students must participate.  Our College Prep and Honors courses offer students challenging and rigorous opportunities in preparation for further study in mathematics or related fields. We also offer a variety of Computer Science courses, including introductory level classes through AP level. In addition, we offer a variety of AP courses for students who qualify and may wish to earn college credit.