Genesis and the Parent Portal

Genesis and the Parent Portal
Posted on 06/15/2016

Genesis is a web-based student information system utilized by many New Jersey Schools, including the Hillsborough Township School District.  Genesis allows parents to access their student's school records through the Parent Access Portal.  This is a safe and secure way to view your child's/student school record for the current school year. This tool will help improve communication about student progress and attendance and allow the school and home to work together more closely to ensure student success.
To log into the Genesis Parent Portal, you may either use the direct link at the bottom of this page, or link into the Portal from the Hillsborough Township Public Schools website home page (  Your user name will always be your email address on file with the school.  This is what "links" you to your child's Genesis profile.  If you have never logged into the Genesis Parent Portal before, and you do not have a first-time password, please contact your school for assistance. When you log in for the first time with this password, you will be prompted to change it to something you will easily remember.  Please make a note of your new password.
In Genesis you will have access to your child's school records, including:
  • Student Data - student name, address, contact information, date of birth recorded in the school files, homeroom, teacher.
  • Acceptable Use Policy and Media Release Forms - Parents are now required to grant their students access to technology use, as well as provide permission for student photos to be utilized in District approved media releases through their Genesis parent profiles.
  • Report cards - All report cards on file with the district (from the first year the district began using Genesis) are available in the Genesis Parent Portal.  Report cards are no longer printed and sent home with students.
  • Attendance - You may view your child's attendance records in the Parent Portal (dates recorded absent or tardy)
  • Bus information - Incoming and outgoing bus information is posted in each student's profile and is keep up to date by the District Transportation Department.  Bus information also includes bus stops and approximated pick up and drop off times.
  • Identification numbers - in Genesis you will find your child's District Student ID, as well as their State Identification number.  These numbers will stay consistent throughout their years in the Hillsborough Township Public Schools. (Note that your child's District Student ID will soon also be linked to their food services (lunch) account.)
  • Emergency Contact Information - From the CONTACTS screen, you have the ability to add or update telephone numbers, as well as emails. Primary parents/guardians also have the ability to add additional emergency contacts for their children.
Please pay particular attention the "Student Contact Card."  The Student Contact Card is for student information only, not for parent information (parent email addresses, parent cell phone numbers.)   As your child moves through the district and enters the upper schools (ARIS, Hillsborough Middle School,  Hillsborough High School), they will be given their own access to Genesis to view assignments, grades, information posted by their teachers, etc.  For this reason we ask that you do not add parent email addresses or parent telephone numbers to the student's contact card.  All parent contact information should be kept on the parent's individual contact card.
IMPORTANT:  Please be advised that if your parent email address changes, you must notify the school to have your new email address connected to your student in the "Genesis Parent Portal."  Although you do have the ability to change your email address in the Parent Portal, please remember that your email is what links you to your student.  A new email address will require a new link. Please contact the school once you have made any updates to your primary email address that you used to access the Parent Portal. 
Emergency information ("School Messenger").  All emergency notices are sent using the School Messenger Notification system, which accesses your contact information saved in Genesis.  It is important to routinely log into your Genesis Parent Portal and verify that your saved information, including all of the telephone numbers and email addresses you would like to receive emergency notices at is up to date.  
Thank you for being an active participant in the Genesis Parent Portal and staying connected with our school!
To access Genesis, please visit the district home page, or use the link below: