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Mrs. Suk

Mrs. Suk's Art Class

Click Below for Reef Knot Tying Video

 Here are a few free drawing lessons from Mark Kistler: 

Artsonia Permission Slip 

Click on the Artsonia icon below to view your child's artwork.


Vote for artist of the week (on the righthand side of the page).

Choose which artwork you like best. The artwork is made by children from other schools. Be sure to look closely sometimes students from Hillsborough are on there.


Go to and leave a message for one of our artists!

Go to Just Browsing

Schoolgalleries, click on US and enter Hillsborough, NJ 08844 (our city, state and zip code).

Click on Hillsborough Elementary SchoolHillsboroughElementary School

Then you can search for an artist (by first name) or just click on an art project.

Click on the artwork,

Then click on Comment (the cartoon bubble)

Enter a web comment and type only your first name, check the box to verify you only put your first name, and then hit continue.

Your comment will be sent to the artist.

Go back to Art Museum (at the top of the page) and begin again.

All students kindergarten through 4th grade attend one 40 minute art class each six day cycle. That equates to 28 times in the entire school year.