Physical Education

Physical Education at HES 

 Rutz  Jenkins

Mrs. Rutz  and Mr. Jenkins

Physical Education is an important part of your child's total development. P.E. is a critical component of the educational process through which students can develop healthy minds and bodies while participating in various movement activities. During your child's years at Hillsborough Elementary School a positive attitude and appreciation will be developed for physical activity. Students will increase their levels of endurance, hand-eye coordination, balance, agility, strength, and flexibility throughout their years at HES. Students will also understand and practice good sportsmanship while participating in all activities.

During the year, your child will be participating in various activities such as cooperative games, movement activities, sport specific activities, Jump Rope for Heart, and line dancing among others. They will also be participating in various health lessons. They will learn about the people in their community, how to treat others, the skeleton, the heart, emergency information, safety information, nutrition and much more.

1st through 4th grade have physical education class two times per cycle for forty minutes. Kindergarten has class once a cycle for 40 minutes. On the days they have gym, class students should wear comfortable attire and sneakers. They should not wear baggy pants. If students do not wear sneakers on gym days, they will not be able to participate in class activities.

You can also follow Ms. Rutz on Twitter at @HES_PE.  Each morning I post the day number and which of my classes has PE as a reminder of who needs to remember sneakers.  I also post pictures of the activities we do in class.  It is a great way to see what your child is doing in P.E.

Our school has a Field Day every year at the end of May.  The students participate in P.E./Health activities throughout the day. I need as many parent volunteers as possible for this day, check the school calendar to see what day it is so you can plan to be able to volunteer for the day.  Notes will come home when the day gets closer.

If you have any questions or concern please reach out to me via email at [email protected].

I look forward to having a fun year with your children.

Thank you,

Sarina Rutz and Jason Jenkins