Bus Stop Change Information

Bus Stop Change Information

Bus stop locations are an important part of the established route system. Students must wait at their assigned bus stop. Any change in bus stop assignment must be approved by the Transportation Supervisor.

See Procedures Below…..

NOTE: Preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students will not be discharged from the bus without a parent/guardian present. If no one is present to accept the student, the student will be returned to the school for pick up by the parent/guardian.


Student pick-up times and bus stop locations often vary from one school year to the next. Refer to the Parent Portal for bus stop locations and approximate pick-up times. Students should be at their bus stops at least 20 minutes prior to the established pick-up time. Preschool, kindergarten,  and first grade students must have a parent meet them at the stop. These students will not be released on their own. Please be at the stop for your student. Delaying a bus can cause multiple delays to multiple schools. Student will be returned to school if the parent is not accessible. School principal will be notified.


Valid bus stop changes for existing bus stop locations will only be accepted until October 31st for the school year. Following that date, only new move-in stop or extreme emergency changes will be considered. Bus stops must be consistent for time efficiency, student safety and driver's knowledge of route, especially substitutes. Stop change request forms and the criteria that will be used to determine the need for change can be found below. If you believe you have a valid bus stop change request after reviewing eliminating criteria below, please go to Transportation Request Forms and click on Bus Stop Change Request Form. Fill out and fax to Transportation at (908) 874-7750.

1. Visibility from the student’s home is not a factor in determining bus stops. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to escort their student to/from the bus stop if there is concern about the student waiting at the stop.

2. Buses will not generally travel down cul-de-sac streets unless the vehicle must pick up handicapped children and this will be done with a special needs bus. Backing up a bus is not allowed except in an emergency situation. Buses will not travel on private roads that are not maintained by the county or are on private property.

3. Bus stops may not be located within 300 feet of each other in order to legally operate the 8-way warning light/stop alarm system prior to stopping the bus. Stops are generally located at or near intersections, except for rural area roads where there are no intersections to place a stop. Routes are routed up to 1 hour of travel time on the bus.

4. Weather is not a determining factor for a school bus stop. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to escort their student to/from the bus stop if there is concern about the weather.

5. Heavy backpacks are not a determining factor for a school bus stop. Students carry backpacks throughout the school day. If there is a medical concern about the heaviness of a backpack, paperwork will be forwarded to the school nurse for investigation and/or approval. 

6. Passing a student's home does not warrant changing or adding a school bus stop. Although it may not seem to impose an issue to a driver or the route, it poses a very serious complication. We pass multiple students’ homes and cannot stop at every one. That increases time and efficiency of our school buses that do not have extra time for every stop.

7. Being the only student at a stop does not warrant changing or adding a school bus stop. Bus stops must maintain consistency from year to year for time and efficiency. This is extremely important for older students in Auten Road Intermediate School, Hillsborough Middle School and Hillsborough High School. These buses must get multiple students to a distant location. Students move in and out of a district throughout the year as well as daycare changes. The stop has to be in the assigned location for students who have the right to take bus on rare occasions.

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to escort their student to/from the bus stop if there is concern about the student waiting at the stop.