Placement Decisions for Mathematics

HMS Placement Information
HHS Placement Information

It is the goal of the Hillsborough Township Public Schools to provide learning activities in mathematics that optimize student learning while creating critical thinkers and problem solvers.  We strive to focus on learning while engaging students in mathematical conversations that promote thinking and conceptual understanding.  This process will be different for every student and it is imperative that students have these learning experiences at the optimal time for lifelong use.  The placement decisions made by the district play a critical role in this process.  

Our expectation is that students will do their very best work every day and as we focus on student learning in mathematics, student achievement will continue to improve. Our focus is on learning rather than grades.  Consequently, not all students who achieve high grades will qualify for all mathematics courses.  Placements for the next year are done before all data for the current year is available.  The exact time of placement varies depending on the current grade of the students.   Consequently, parents may request a placement review at the end of the year after all data for the year is available.  If the additional data changes the placement, student placements will be adjusted.  Students who do not meet the criteria for a particular placement will not be placed in that course.  Please contact the mathematics teacher for specific feedback about the progress of your child.  

Grades K - 6 Intervention

At the elementary level, we use a RTI model where participation is determined by collecting data from unit assessment total scores, open-constructed response average scores, and cumulative assessment totals.  The most at-risk students across the district are identified for targeted and intensive instruction. This instruction is fluid and occurs both in the regular classroom and occasionally in small group settings.

Grades 6 - 8


Moving from grade 6 to grade 7, the following data points are placed on a matrix for placement decisions:  unit test scores, quarterly assessment scores, IAAT, application problems, and teacher recommendation.  Students will be screened for placement in Math 7 ASI, Math 7, Math 7 Advanced or Algebra 1. The Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT) will be administered in mid winter/early spring to sixth grade students who have a 90% or higher after the second quarter. The IAAT will be one piece of data, along with performance on common assessments and quarterly assessments, to determine placement.  A very small number of students will be ready for the abstraction of starting high school mathematics, Algebra 1, in seventh grade. This course is for students who are both academically and emotionally prepared to take such a rigorous class. This student is extremely mathematically gifted and has nearly perfect scores throughout sixth grade.  As mentioned previously, students who do not meet the criteria for a particular placement will not be placed in that course. No placement exceptions will be made.

Moving from grade 7 to grade 8,  the following data points are placed on a matrix for placement decisions:  unit test scores, quarterly assessment scores, IAAT and teacher recommendation.  Those students currently enrolled in Math 7 and Math 7 Advanced will be given the Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT) in mid winter/early spring.  The IAAT will be used as an additional data point to screen Math 7 and Math 7 Advanced students for potential placement in Algebra 1 in grade 8. Those students taking Algebra 1 in grade 7 will take geometry in grade 8 unless otherwise discussed with parents in advance.  Because of the importance and implications of beginning the high school mathematics sequence in the middle school, absolutely no placement exceptions will be made.

Moving from grade 8 to grade 9, those students taking Math 8 ASI, Math 8 or those students not completing Algebra 1 with a minimum cumulative score of 75% at the end of the year, will take Algebra 1.  Students completing Algebra 1 in grade 8 with a final grade of 75% or better will be screened for placement in either Geometry CP or Geometry Honors.  Unit test scores, quarterly assessment scores, and teacher recommendations are placed on a matrix to determine the geometry placement. Students who successfully complete geometry will be placed in Algebra 2 CP or Algebra 2 Honors.  No student will be placed in a course for which they did not qualify.

Once students enter Hillsborough High School, placements are subject to the information in the Program of Studies which can be found on the High School web-page under School Counseling.  In addition, the Program of Studies is introduced to students in grade 8 as they begin the scheduling process for grade 9.