Bureau Fire Safety

Bureau Fire Safety

The Bureau of Fire Safety performs the following functions in order to provide and maintain an adequate level of fire prevention and protection:

  • Inspect structures for compliance with the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code
  • Investigate violations of the fire code
  • Investigate all complaints under the fire code
  • Investigate fires and explosions
  • Coordinate activities between local and state agencies
  • Coordinate projects with the Fire Subcode Official
  • Issue required permits
  • Refer appeals to the Construction Board of Appeals
  • Review all requests for variances.
  • Inspects and issues certificate of smoke detector compliance (CSDC)
  • Conducts public fire education programs
  • Responds to emergency calls
  • Adopt a hydrant information - see attachments
Adopt a Hydrant
The Hillsborough Township Bureau of Fire Safety has created a new program that will give citizens the chance to help the Fire Department. The Adopt a Hydrant program was created to help keep our fire hydrants clear and available. Citizens and civic groups (Boy Scouts, etc.) can "adopt" a hydrant or hydrants in their neighborhood.

The people who adopt hydrants will help the Fire Department by keeping them clear of snow in the winter and overgrowth in the summer, as well as reporting blocked or damaged hydrants year round. Information packages are available through the Hillsborough Township Bureau of Fire Safety at 369-4313 ext. 178.

Adopt a Hydrant Information and Guidelines
  1. Keep hydrants free of snow and ice.
  2. Keep hydrants free of overgrowth (grass and weeds).
  3. Report any damaged or leaking hydrants to the Bureau of Fire Safety 369-4313.
  4. Report any vehicles blocking hydrants to the Hillsborough Police 369-4323.
  1. Paint hydrants
  2. Alter or attempt to repair hydrants
  3. Mark curb or street
NJ American Water Company is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of our fire hydrants.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
from the Hillsborough NJ Township website: http://www.hillsborough-nj.org/